Group Play Questionnaire

    In order to provide a positive experience for all participants, please complete the following questionnaire as accurately as possible.
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Pet name:
    How socialized would you consider your dog? (1= doesn’t like other dogs at all; 10 = loves all dogs and wants to meet any new dog.)
    How tolerant would you consider your dog? (1= only likes dogs with a very specific personality; 10 = can play nicely with dogs of any personality type.)
    How often does your dog play or socialize with other dogs in the community?
    How would you describe your dog’s preferred play style?
    How would you describe your dog’s “greeting style” when meeting a new dog for the first time?
    Please select all that apply to your dog’s preference in playmates:
    Male DogsFemales DogsActive DogsQuieter DogsLarge DogsSmall Dogs
    Some dogs have “bad habits” when playing with other dogs. Please select any that apply to your dog. Please note that bad habits are not grounds for dismissal from the program, but bring pre-existing behaviours to the attention of staff.
    Excessive barkingSnappingMountingShows teeth oftenBullyingStalkingPesteringGuarding(toys/humans)Frequent growling
    Has your dog ever been in a dog fight? NoYes
    If Yes please explain:
    Has your dog ever bitten another dog? NoYes
    If Yes please explain:
    Please add any other comments that you think would be helpful to staff in supervising your dog during play sessions.
    By submitting, the owner or agent of the dog named above acknowledges the statements made on this form are true to the best of their knowledge. Furthermore, they accept there is an increased risk of injury to any dog participating in “group play” regardless of the precautions taken. Submitting below is further an acknowledgement that you wish your dog to be evaluated for group play by Parker Pet Care.