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    Parker Pet Care supplies everything your pet could possibly need! But we understand that some animals, particularly first time pet lodgers, find comfort in having a toy or article with them that smells like home. We find that most pets prefer our bedding to their own - we use a selection of freshly laundered micro-fleece bedding. Articles from home are valuable only for their scent, so we recommend keeping the items you bring to a minimum both in size and quantity. Please send only older accessories with your pet, so that if they're misplaced it won't pose a problem. Labeling your items is a great idea. For health reasons, combs, brushes, and dishes should be left at home and chokers should be removed. Parker Pet Care prints individualized collars for every guest, so collars from home are not required. We can keep harnesses that are used for medical reasons. Will you be leaving anything with your pet? Please list below.

       I confirm that my pet is up to date with the vaccinations Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Vaccine paperwork is required if they expired since last visit.