Pampering Your Pet with Grooming

Grooming doesn’t just make pets look great – it makes them feel great and promotes optimal health!

At Parker Pet Care, we bathe all breeds of dogs and specialize in trimming and clipping. Our expert groomers combine the latest techniques, safe materials, and loving care to give your dog the best grooming experience ever.

Book a grooming appointment as a separate service, or combine it with your pet’s lodging stay – and take home a pampered pet.

Daytime Dog Grooming

On the morning of your grooming appointment please ensure your pet arrives between 7:00-9:30 am. Once we assess your dog’s condition and determine the extent of work involved, we will provide you with a pick-up time.
If you wish to have your dog groomed or clipped during his/her lodging stay, please notify us at registration time. We’ll then be able to schedule an appointment on your pet’s departure date, so that he/she will be ready to go home – smelling good, looking good and feeling great!

Booking Appointments

Our groomers are knowledgeable and talented and our services are very popular. Please book your dog grooming appointments several weeks in advance.


If you can’t decide on the right “look” for your dog, please ask to speak with one of our professional groomers – they’re always happy to oblige. Our staff will also offer advice on the proper techniques and tools required to maintain your dog’s coat at home.


Grooming and clipping rates vary greatly based on the size and condition of the dog, as well as the style of clip desired. Dematting a dog can add considerably to the price and isn’t always recommended, depending on the nature of the dog, the type of matting, and the sensitivity of the skin. Certain breeds or types of dogs do not require clipping, but can benefit greatly from a thorough grooming (brushing) and bathing.

What Makes Parker Pet Care Grooming Different?

Parker Pet Care has a unique philosophy on pet grooming. Our groomers are able to delicately balance the expectations of the client with the health and well-being of the pet. All of our grooming services include a full haircut (if requested), brush out, trimming of feet/face/tail and feathers, trimming of the pads of feet and sanitary area, nail trim, anal gland expression, cleaning/plucking ears, full bath and blow dry.

At Parker Pet Care, we understand that grooming can be stressful for some pets.

Our grooming is unique, and is done in multiple stages to ensure that the pet has an opportunity for bathrooms breaks/rest periods through the grooming process. The grooming experience begins with the “grooming rough” where the hair cut (if requested), nail trim, cleaning/plucking of the ears, and initial trimming the pads of the feet/sanitary are done in preparation for the bath. This is followed by a full hydrotherapy massage/bath with our delicately scented shampoos. Once the bath is complete, we start the drying process with a high velocity dryer which loosens undercoat and helps to get most of the moisture out of the coat quickly. This also gives the characteristic “fluffy” finished look. This is followed by a warm dryer for the remaining moisture to be removed. Once fully dry, the groomer will go over the coat a second time brushing/combing, or with clipper blade. Fine trimming of feet/face/tail/pads of feet and sanitary area are done. The grooming is completed with a complimentary bandana or ribbons.