What to bring

  1. Food/Treats: Meals are included as part of our nightly rate. We offer a variety of dry and canned foods to suit your pet’s appetite. If your pet is eating a specific diet from home, please bring it in as we are happy to accommodate that request. Please ensure to bring an appropriate amount for your pet’s stay in a container or original packaging. We will take detailed instructions on the quantity and frequency of your pet’s diet and serve meals accordingly.
  2. Medication/Supplement: Please bring all medications in their original packaging. We will be responsible for labeling each medication according to your instructions. We will confirm the dose, frequency and duration of administration with you. Ideally it would be helpful to know the reason the pet is taking the medication. Please be prepared to provide this information or provide contact information so that we can verify this with your veterinarian. A $3.00 fee applies.
  3. Bedding/toys: We offer many different styles of bedding from Micro-fleece blankets to raised cot beds. Since our environment is very stimulating and active, we prefer to use all of our own bedding and toys so that they may be appropriately sterilized as part of our routine. Articles from home can get lost or damaged and we would prefer to keep these items to a minimum. If you would like to leave something with your pet, please make sure it is not of significant value to you or your pet.

General Dog Requirements

To ensure the health and safety of all the pets that stay with us, we require that your dog’s vaccinations be current.

The vaccinations that we require are: Rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP.

We are happy to accept this information via email, current vaccine record or veterinary invoice, or verbal confirmation from your veterinary clinic.

If your dog has special vaccine considerations or exemptions, please speak to one of our Client Care Team members today!

From experience, we know that dogs come in many shapes, sizes and temperaments. We understand the personality traits that are specific to certain breeds and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our care to work in harmony with many different pets.

To ensure that we are able to meet the needs of each client and pet, we require a FREE TRIAL DAY visit prior to the initial overnight stay. This allows your pet to have the opportunity to become familiar with our facility, staff and routine while providing a positive, short, first visit. Our staff will slowly introduce your pet to the different aspects that your pet will encounter while boarding and generate a report to communicate how your pet reacted. Most family pets thrive in our environment once they are given this opportunity to become acclimatized to the routine and staff.

Click here to book your dog’s trial day: Book a Trial Day

As advances in veterinary care become more available to pet owners, our pets are living longer, fuller lives. We are proud of our ability to accommodate virtually any medical condition that pet owners are able to manage at home. We have treated pets with topical, oral and even injectable medications while still providing a stimulating and comfortable environment. Call us today to discuss how we can accommodate your pet.

Pets with contagious illness or that have recently recovered from surgery, require special considerations beyond our care. If this applies to your pet, please speak with your veterinarian to discuss care options for your pet.

Parker Pet Care does not place age restrictions on dogs coming into our facility. However, all dogs must be fully vaccinated prior to entering our facility and final vaccinations are usually administered at 16 weeks (4 months) of age.

Senior pets are also welcome. In fact, we’ve cared for many guests from the time they were puppies to well into their golden years!

Parker Pet Care focuses on individualized care and we are happy to accept all intact or spayed/neutered dogs.

In order to maintain a safe social environment,  all pets participating in our ClubHouse or Group Play options, must be spayed/neutered.

Does your pet require Catered Care? No problem!

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