You may Pick up/Drop off your pet any time within our business hours. (Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm.)
We have many clients who travel internationally and this is often the case. If you are not able to pick up your pet on the original departure date, we can move the departure date to the following day and make arrangements to have your pet stay until you are able make the pick up. Normally it is best if the client can let us know in advance if this might be a possibility so that we can ensure that your pet has enough food/medications etc. for an extra night or two.
The Animal Care building is open from 6:30am to 9:30pm. Overnight, there is always a member of our senior management on the property but not working directly with the animals. The daily routine here is very stimulating and generally speaking, most dogs and cats are much more active here than they are at home. Seeing handlers walk through the building is very exciting for the animals and would inhibit your pet’s ability to wind down and rest before the next action packed day.
Each pet has his or her own private accommodation. Cats are kept in a completely separate building from the dogs. Small dogs and large dogs are usually housed next to other dogs of similar size and energy level. Generally speaking, we try to put less active dogs near each other and younger more exuberant dogs near each other. For example:

* Cat accommodations are 4ft x 3ft x 4ft tall
* Double cat accommodations: 5ft x 2.5ft x 4ft tall
* Small dog enclosures are 4ft x 3ft x 4ft tall
* Medium dog enclosures are 5ft x 4ft x 10ft tall
* Large dog enclosures are 8ft x 4ft x 10ft tall
* Double/ Giant dog enclosures are 16ft x 4ft x 10ft tall

Based on the services selected by the owner, your dog or cat will partake in the        daily activities, social interactions and playtimes chosen. (See daily schedule of       activity options) As well, there are:

* Bathroom breaks which happen between 7am to 9am, 1pm to 3pm and 6pm to 8pm
* Health checks between 10am and 12pm
* Breakfast 9am Lunch 12pm
* Dinner 5pm
* Medications given as per client’s directions

Dog: We have the capability to provide everything your dog would need during their stay with us. However, we understand that some pets can be more sensitive than others when being away from home. Therefore, please feel free to bring along food, treats, toys and/or a small article of clothing/bedding that smells like home to help your pet settle in. If possible, we would prefer that you don’t bring your dog’s bowls or bedding unless absolutely necessary due to the high frequency of sterilization of these items. If your pet requires a supplement or prescription medication, please bring this along.

Cat: We will provide everything your cat would need during his/her stay with us. However, we understand that some cats can be sensitive when away from home., and if this is the case with your kitty, feel free to bring along food, treats, bowls, litter, litter box, toys and/or a small article of clothing/bedding that smells like home to help your cat settle in. If your pet requires a supplement or prescription medication, please make sure to bring this along.

You are more than welcome to bring along your pet’s food. We have the capability to serve wet, dry, dehydrated and raw food for both dogs and cats. There are no extra charges or discounts for clients that choose to bring along their pets own food.
You are more than welcome to see where your dog/cat will be staying by way of a tour either prior to, or on the day of your pet’s reservation. Normally it is best to keep the front office as the hello and goodbye area so that your pet does not associate the boarding experience with the chance that they might see you during their boarding reservation.
We accept all topical and oral medications for both dogs and cats. We are also experienced in administering injectable medications to agreeable dogs and cats. Please call us to discuss your pet’s medication needs.
Yes! We have double sized accommodations where we can house multi-dog families together and multi-cat families together. We also have the capability to have multi-pet families stay together always, stay together just overnight, be separated for feeding and every variation in between.
We do offer a Group Play Program where temperment tested dogs are allowed to mingle and play with other dogs. Click the Group Play option to find out more
We never put our guests in jeopardy even if the potential for injury is accidental. We keep every dog segregated by size and temperament and this way there are no inadvertent issues.

  1. Small dogs play with small dogs
  2. Large dogs play with large dogs
Unfortunately, since dogs and cats are kept in separate buildings, we do not have the ability to board dogs and cats from the same family together.